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TVS, offers 1-5 years full warranty parts and labour service contracts on coffee and vending equipment, all contracts are priced individually to the requirements of the machine, new equipment is based on our standard prices, any equipment other than new we would base the price on, age and condition of machine. We are happy to survey a machine free of charge leading to a contract being taken out with us.

If a contract is taken out on new equipment, installation and training is free based on two hrs on site per machine. 

We aim to cover contract service work at our quickest response time. 

Contracts can be paid yearly or monthly in advance. 

Contracts can be taken out on various equipment such as, Snack Vendors, Food Vendors, Can Vendors, Table Top Machines, Water coolers,
Post Mix Machines. Please use the above link to see a list of some machines we can cover for you. 

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