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Site Surveys and Machine Training Service

TVS is equipped to install all types of machines and vending equipment, our installation price includes up to 2 hrs on site for decommission, installation and training per machine, any time after this period is only charged at our per quarter of an hour rate. 
Please note all sites must be ready with water and electric before install commences to avoid any unnecessary charges. 

Site Surveys

If you have single or multiple equipment being sold or purchased on one site we can offer a Site Survey Service at our Call out and Per Quarter Hour Rate, if a site survey leads to service contracts being taken out with us then there is a reduced charge for this service. Perhaps a site survey is something to consider before a purchase or decision of a machine, to make sure equipment can be placed/fitted into the correct positions within a building, sometimes a machine can be underestimated in terms of size and is not be able to fit through office doors or up stairs. TVS will offer your company a full written report of door sizes, stairs, water and electric locations and anything more you would request. 
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Staff/ Operator Training is broken down in to 2 sections ,1. General operation of machine, 2. Filling and Cleaning. We are capable of training up to 4 persons at any one time. Training is offered free on a machine installation with TVS. If training is required due to an operator/member of staff leaving a site and there is a new member of staff taking their place costing is Call Out Service & Time On Site.  


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