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TVS, stock various products that may be useful to you and your customers. 

Tango Powder Detainer 1x 500g 
Tango Powder Detainer 5x 500g 
Bio guard Brewer Tablets 1x 100 Tablets 
Bio guard Brewer Tablets 5x 100 Tablets 
Water Cooler Sanitizer Spray 1x 500ml 
Water Cooler Sanitizer Spray 5x 500ml 
Surgical Hand Gel (with reel and clip) 1x 50ml 
Surgical Hand Gel (with reel and clip) 5x 50ml 
Skalekleen Scale Remover 10x 200g
Skalekleen Scale Remover 50x 200g
Anti Static Foam Cleaner 1x 400ml
Anti Static Foam Cleaner 5x 400ml 



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